Marianela Mirpuri

Founder of Hera the Light of Women

Marianela Mirpuri dedicated most of her professional life to the promotion of luxury services, mainly in the aviation field.

Marianela Mirpuri background in aviation dates back to the 1980’s.

In her professional path in the aviation field, Marianela Mirpuri besides being Vice President of Air Luxor, was co-founder of UAT ( United Air Taxis ), co-founder of Netjets Europe, co-founder of Masterjet and founder and president of Jetlink.

Besides aviation Marianela Mirpuri was also a business consultant for big economic groups from all over the world, and investor in several businesses.

In 2016 Marianela Mirpuri launched worldwide the first label of quality for luxury properties – Luxor Home Label , Exclusive Label by Marianela Mirpuri . This label is based in strict principles and backed by a network of professionals from all over the

world. The label is in process of official certification Marianela Mirpuri is also Advisor of her family Foundation – Mirpuri Foundation and responsible for the development of big projects in the “Turn the tide on Plastic” campaign of Mirpuri Foundation.

In 2018 Marianela Mirpuri decided to give a legal body to a movement for the empowerment of women, that she directed since the beginning of 2000. And in 2019 Hera- Associação Internacional da Mulher, was founded in Portugal. This non governmental and non profit organization reflects the work of Marianela Mirpuri and her Ambassadors and Advisors all over the world.

Nowadays, Marianela Mirpuri is fully commited to Hera and to its ultimate goal – the construction of Hera City. A City for the Future of Humanity and with women leading the mission.

She is also President of OFH – Observatory for the Future of Humanity, linked to Hera Association and in JV with the City Hall of Cascais/Portugal.

She is President for Portugal of WICCI –Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

She is invited regularly as speaker in international conferences.

She has received multiple awards as recognition of her work.

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